Ph.D. Program Faculty

Ph.D. Program Faculty

The true strength of our program lies in the flexibility and creativity of our professors and the opportunities that they afford our students. As always, the faculty welcomes your inquiries and suggestions. Please feel free to email any of our outstanding faculty members.

Don Chaney, Ph.D., MCHES Chair, Dept. of Health Science Professor* Research Interests: Application of Technology in Health Education and Health Promotion, Online Learning, & eHealth Literacy

Elizabeth “Beth” Chaney, Ph.D., MCHES Professor* Research Interests: Instrument Development and Program Evaluation in Health Education

Adam Knowlden, Ph.D., MBA, CHES®, Associate Professor* Research Interests: Childhood Obesity and Unintentional Injuries from Inadequate Sleep

Jen Nickelson, Ph.D., RD, MCHES®, Associate Professor* Research Interests: Maternal & Child Health, Parental Influences on Children’s Eating Behaviors, Breastfeeding, Childhood Obesity Prevention, and Community-Based Participatory Research

Michael Stellefson, Ph.D., MCHES® Professor, Ph.D. Program Coordinator* Research Interests: Health Disparities, COPD, Chronic Disease Self-Management, and Electronic Health (eHealth) Literacy

Lori Turner, Ph.D., RD, Professor* Research Interests: Osteoporosis Prevention, Dietary Behaviors, and Health Behavior Theory

Elizabeth “Lizze” Elder, Ph.D., ATC AT Program Director Associate Professor* Research Interests: Shoulder & Elbow Injury, Injury Prevention, and Adolescent Health

Deidre Leaver-Dunn, Ph.D., ATC Associate Dean Associate Professor* Research Interests: Athletic Training, Sports Medicine, Adolescent Health, and Disordered Eating

Ryan Moran, Ph.D., ATC Assistant Professor* Research Interests: Athletic Training, Sports Medicine, and Sport-Related Concussion

Stuart Usdan, Ph.D., Dean of College of Human Environmental Sciences, Professor* Research Interests: Substance Abuse and Alcohol Prevention and College Health.

Jessica Wallace, Ph.D., ATC Assistant Professor* Research Interests: Athletic Training, Sports Medicine, and SportRelated Concussion.

Amanda Wilkerson, Ph.D., Assistant Professor* Research Interests: Sedentary Behavior & Physical Activity, Workplace Health Promotion, Utilization of Health Behavior Theoretical Models, and Program Evaluation