Ph.D. Guidelines to Prepare for Comps

PH.D. Guidelines to Prepare for Comps

The Comprehensive Examination for the core courses block will cover material outlined in the classes listed below:

  • HHE 604: Doctoral Seminar in Health
  • HHE 605: Advanced Theoretical and Scientific Basis of Health Education and Promotion
  • HHE 606: Planning and Administration of Health Education and Promotion Programs
  • HHE 667: Advanced Evaluation in Health Education and Promotion

The purpose of this section of the comprehensive exam is threefold. First, to examine your knowledge of the basic tenets covered in these courses. Second, to examine your ability to relate these tenets to the design, implementation, and evaluation of the health education and health promotion programs. And third, to assess your ability to build cogent answers based on the work of other scholars in the field of health education and health promotion. With these thoughts in mind, listed below are some guidelines to help you prepare for the examination.

  • Be sure to gather, review, and file supporting documents and publications. You will be expected to cite the work of others as you frame your answer. Exact bibliography data will not be required, but you will be expected to reference the work of other scholars.
  • Expand the breadth and depth of your knowledge and application of key concepts beyond the scope of what was covered in class. The purpose of the core course classes is to provide background information and provide a blueprint for your self-study. In other words, passing the core classes does not mean you will pass the comprehensive exam. You will need to show intellectual growth.
  • Work with others. You are encouraged to:
    • Study with other students
    • Share materials
    • Consult with students who have taken the test previously
    • Discuss key concepts with faculty
  • Keep in mind, this is a criterion reference exam. You are not competing with other students.