Public Health

The undergraduate program in Public Health is designed for students interested in public health education and/or other health professions and offers two concentrations: 1) health education and health promotion and 2) health professions. Students enrolled in the health education and health promotion concentration will prepare for careers as public health educators in various settings. The health professions concentration is appropriate for students interested in graduate study in physical therapy or medicine, as well as other allied health and public health professions.

In addition to the University core curriculum, the Public Health degree requires 51 hours of major coursework. Though students may choose from a variety of elective courses in addition to the the specific major courses, other courses (as approved by and selected in consultation with your program advisor) may also be considered to satisfy prerequisite courses for future graduate program pursuits. Total coursework required for the degree is 120 semester hours. The specific major courses can be found on the course checklists.

Please see course checklists for specific course information.

Please view the undergraduate catalog for program requirements.